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Are you looking for consultancy, advice, or support for mental health issues in your workplace? We are here to help.


How we can help

Mental health is something that can be affected by various things such as work placed stress and also personal demands which impact on how the individual is able to carry out their work.

Black Country Mental Health are able to offer their services as consultants to your organisation or business to help you put in place a mental health strategy and policy to support your workforce resulting in less absenteeism and generating an inclusive and transparency culture. Adapting an Open Door policy can improve morale and demonstrate your commitment to staff wellbeing.

Our experienced staff will meet with you to discuss your specific needs. We will then draw up a plan with a timeframe to work with you to complete the work.

  • We can help you to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 in relation to protected characteristics and reasonable adjustments
  • We will advise you on any training needs and how to incorporate Mental Health First Aiders into your business in order to provide parity between physical first aid and mental health first aid.
  • We will continue to support you by telephone and face to face advice around mental health in your workplace and any specific issues that arise

Mental Health Awareness Sessions

Mental Health First Aid

i-Act for Managers

The Essential Course for ALL Managers 

Online Delivery Available

The i-act course for managers is aimed at supporting managers to improve workplace wellbeing and help them to support employees who may experience a mental health or wellbeing issue.

Course objectives – the i-act course for managers aims to:

  • Gives managers a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing issues and help them recognise when colleagues may need further help and support.
  • Provide practical tools for promoting positive wellbeing in the workplace to help build resilience for ourselves as managers and for colleagues
  • Offer guidance and advice for how managers can connect with colleagues who may be experiencing a mental health or wellbeing issues
  • Equip managers with physical tools, a resource pack and signposting to further help and support concerning mental health and wellbeing issues

The course comes with a 168 page evidence based course manual, tool kit and resource pack for each manager. The manual includes over 50 practical tools to support managers and over 95 agencies/organisations to refer on to.

The evidence based i-act course manual cites over 225 reputable references, researched by leading academics in the field.

The course comes with free access to all of the on-line i-act resources.

The i-act course is accredited by The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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